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Fighting Fantasy (Défis Fantastiques in French) is the most famous gamebook collection (Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Deathtrap Dugeon, Forest of Doom, Creature from

Havoc and about sixty other titles).

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This site is devoted to Titan settings, where most of the Fighting Fantasy (FF) books take place, but also the Sorcery! (/Sorcellerie) and the Clash of the Princes series (part of the Double Jeu series in France), as well as The Tasks of Tantalon, four novels, and many games, including a Role Playing Game.


Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Défis Fantastiques – le Jeu de rôle is the French translation of Graham Bottley’s 2nd edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy, published by Arion Games.

It is intended as an extension of the FF gamebook’s system for a group, instead of solo adventures. Each player acts as an individual hero in the group, endowed with its specific abilities.

Défis fantastiques le jeu de role

The game system is simple and efficient, intended both for beginners and for more experienced players tired with too heavy roleplaying game systems. Moreover, this game allows to develop Titan’s setting with original illustrations and new adventures.



Défis Fantastiques-le Jeu de rôle series is constituted by the following titles:

Couverture du livre défis fantastiques le jeu de rôle Graham Botley and others Core Rulesbook, including an exclusive 97 pages Allansia campaign: Le Tambour de Gondrin 2013 (2nd edition)
  • 340 pages book, b&w & colour
Carte d'allansia Jidus Poster map of the most famous continent of Titan, including some exclusive details from Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone and Jonathan Green 2013 (out of print)
  • vinyle poster
Les acessoires du meneur de jeu Éric Chaussin A set of tiles, furniture and figurines to cut-out, intended to play the rulesbook beginner adventures or any other dungeon/tunnel adventure 2013 (out of print)  

  • 26 bound boards, 2 sides, to be cut
  • 20 black plastic bases
  • 2 assemblage maps
  • closeable transparent folder
Ecran de jeu Paragraphe 14 and
Illustrated cardboard Gamescreen, including a 90 pages adventure: Pirates à la dérive 2013 (out of print)  

  • bound 3 parts screen, landscape format
  • 84 pages adventure, b&w
  • 7 illustrated Character sheets, b&w
  • 2 cover sheets, colour
  • closeable transparent folder
Titan Marc
Gascoigne, Inbadreams
and others
Atlas, introducing history, geography, culture, peoples and famous characters of Titan, with couloured maps, including a location map of all FF books. Also including 25 page

of new rules and a 130 pages Old World campaign: A la recherche de la jeunesse perdue.

2014/2016 (2nd edition)
  • 380 pages book, b&w & colour
  • Cartes de Titan sleeve, including 5 colour A2 maps (Titan, Allansia, Old World, Khul, Location of the gamebooks & novels) and a reference table
Necessaire de magie Collective Magic accessories, one card set with all the basic spells of the rule book and 5 new spells from the campaign A la recherche de la jeunesse perdue ; let the use of magic get more easy and funny in your games 2014
  • 157 cards
  • 1 empty card
  • 1 instructions card
  • 1 cardboard box
Figurine Yaztromo David Ayral Miniature of the most famous mage of Allansia, with his crow Vermithrax 2014 limited edition 200 copies
  • resin miniature, 1,4 inches
  • black plastic base
  • presentation cardboard
  • closeable transparent folder

couv bestiaire rhino2
and others
Out of the Pit Bestiary with characteristics and statistics for almost 300 monsters and animals, completed with 60 pages of new exclusive rules and 80 pages of play: Odyssée pour un Jib-Jib solo adventure and La huitième plaie two-players adventure 2016
  • 396 pages book, b&w & colour

The whole range of French publications is original, in the sense that Scriptarium’s French-speaking team is not only translating the English stuff, even if this task is very rigorously performed. It also offers a new layout and organization (mixing original old illustrations of Titan and many new ones from FF illustrators and young illustrators), and offers a lot of new text material. Some exclusive items are also proposed in the French edition.

Since Scriptarium is a non-profit association, mainly held by volunteers with limited financial resources, we usually rely on fund-raising :

  • Rulesbook campaign in 2013 (having also financed the Allansia map, Les Accessoires du Meneur de Jeu and the Gamescreen) ;
  • Titan campaign in 2014 (having also financed the Nécessaire de Magie and Yaztromo figurine);
  • Créatures de Titan in 2016 (having also financed the brand new coloured poster of the Snow Witch by Malcolm Barter… but limited to the backers, sorry).

Apart from the « paper stuff », Scriptarium regularly provides some free downloadable resources on this website : game helpers, adventures, articles…

Some common works have also been initiated between the British publisher Arion Games and Scriptarium on the forecoming complements for AFF/DF-JdR, including the Old World Sourcebook.


les collines maléfiquesLa sorcière des neigesAt last, Scriptarium is collaborating with the French publisher Gallimard Jeunesse in the frame of the new FF and Sorcery! edition, especially the publishing of the books which remained unpublished in France. Since 2013 we provide a very detailed proofread to propose adjustments and small corrections to the books, both on the form and the contents. We also provide editing advices to enhance the new edition, especially regarding the previously omitted illustrations in the French edition.

Since 2015 we also provide some free pdf documents related to FF gamebooks (maps, solutions, illustrated short stories)… You can download these documents here.

Couverture double jeu

And many other projects are under consideration!

Any contribution will be greatly welcome.